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Breast Implants & Augmentation Surgery: 5 Common Myths And Misconceptions

There are many women who are willing to improve the size and shape of their breasts through breast implants and argumentation surgery. However, a good number of them have fears concerning the safety about getting breast implants. This is mostly because there are so many misconceptions and myths concerning breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.

If you are thinking of getting breast implants, it is incredibly important you familiarize with some of the most common myths and misconceptions. In this article we debunk five of the most common myths and misconception about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.

Myth 1: Breast implants aren’t safe breast augmentation grand rapids

This myth has been there since 1990's, and it is based on scarce information concerning the safety of breast implants. Some people associated silicone breast implants with breast cancer, systematic diseases and autoimmune disorders. However, there is barely any scientific evidence linking breast implants with any disease. Neither has there been any woman who is reported to have contacted any disease as a result of breast augmentation surgery.

Myth 2: People will notice you have had breast augmentation

This is another popular myth that has holding women from getting breast augmentation surgery for ages. When the procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon and using the latest equipment, you can get natural results which are so subtle such that no one can tell whether you have had surgery unless they observe very closely. On the other hand, people can easily tell you have had surgery if it was carried out by inexperienced surgeon using substandard equipment.

Myth 3: Your breast implants need to be replaced after every 10 years

Nothing in this world lasts forever with breast implants not being an exception. Breast implants may get ruined or rupture over time. However, it isn’t mandatory to replace breast implants after a decade or so. In most cases, the average lifespan of breast implants is usually 16 years. However, you can have your implants replaced any time you feel they are almost rupturing.

Myth 4: Inability to detect if cancer is present after breast augmentation surgery

This is definitely not true. According to, as technology advances, so does mammography equipment and cancer detecting techniques improve. As such, it is just as easy for any radiologist to detect breast cancer regardless of whether or not your have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Myth 5: Inability to breastfeed after I having breast augmentation surgery

This isn’t always the case. There are some women who may not be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery since there are some types of breast implants that make it impossible for women to breastfeed.

On the other hand, there are some breast implants that are designed for breastfeeding mothers. Consequently, it would be incorrect to say that breast augmentation surgery makes it impossible for women to breastfeed.

With these 5 myths debunked, you shouldn’t have any excuse for not having breast augmentation surgery. To learn more, stay in tune with


Breast Augmentation Recovery: Time, Tips, & Expectations

Breast Augmentation Recovery TimeBreast augmentation recovery time is an important topic for many women receiving this procedure. Here we will give an overview of what to expect after breast augmentation, including how long until you can return to normal activities, wound site care and when to go bra shopping!

The popularity of breast augmentation continues to grow, and among the reasons for its popularity is the quick recovery time. The procedure typically lasts about an hour and does not involve an overnight stay.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

Most women will be able to resume a normal routine within about a week. Although there are several women who will need virtually no downtime and can go back to work within a few days, depending on the nature of their job. The type of implants will determine recovery time as well, with recovery time differences between implants inserted above or below the muscle as well as the choice of saline or silicone.

Planning to take a week off from work is a good idea, using this time as if it were a vacation and making a point to pamper yourself and take it easy.

During the first week of recovery, women should abstain from lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. There is a risk of rupturing the incision site while it is still healing, during any strenuous activity or heavy lifting.

Women with small children at home should be especially mindful of this, making plans to have extra help around the house during this time.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Care

Breast augmentation recovery time also involves caring for the incision site. The doctor will instruct you on the specific guidelines to follow for proper care after breast augmentation surgery. This will most likely include keeping the incision clean on a daily basis.

To prevent scarring, it may be beneficial to apply a scar cream to the area while it heals.

Women who are fond of tanning beds or sunbathing will want to steer clear of these activities during the recovery period. UV rays can make the incisions more visible. Instead, opt for sunless tanning lotions and or keep the area covered while in the sun.

With proper care and attention, the incision should heal with little to no visible scarring.

Don't run to Victoria's Secret just yet...

Bra shopping is a fun and exciting part of celebrating your new shape, but it is best to wait about a month before doing this.

The breast implants will need time to “settle” as well as for the tissue to reduce swelling. Saline implants in particular are heavier than silicone and thus will go through a settling period of 1-2 months as your body adjusts. Also, implants that are inserted under the muscle will need some extra time to adjust and relax.

As with any surgical procedure, there will also be some swelling in the area. This is the body's natural protective response.

As the swelling goes down and the implants settle into the chest, the true shape and volume of the breasts will be revealed, at which point it will be time to go shopping!

During the recovery period, the doctor may be able to provide an appropriate bra. Soft “granny” bras or running bras will also work well, but stay away from underwire bras for about the first month.

Breast Augmentation on the Mind

Women can experience a variety of resulting psychological effects from breast augmentation.The Process of choosing and going through with breast augmentation surgery can be an emotionally and mentally draining experience.

The emotional aftermath of the decision to get breast augmentation can depend on several variables.

Mostly, women who choose breast augmentation have positive reactions, including improved self esteem and body image. Still, other women will find that the perceptions that other people have about their decision, make them feel less empowered than before.

Every woman will react differently depending on her unique situation and reasons for getting breast augmentation as well as her expectations of the process.

It can be helpful for women to surround themselves with a support group of loved ones, or to join a web forum to connect with other women who have had breast augmentation surgery. Maintaining a positive mental attitude and doing some pampering during recovery time will also help to produce a positive recovery outcome.

Same you, New Attitude

After a short period of breast augmentation recovery time you will be back to your normal routine, working, being active and enjoying life. With a renewed sense of self esteem and confidence in your body, you will be ready to conquer your life and look great doing it.

Breast augmentation recovery is only a drop in the bucket of life, after which you will have a lifetime to enjoy all the perks of your new shape.


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